Here Goes Nothin'!

I’ve always loved science, and specifically its communication. I think that for those of us who really feel inspired by our field of choice, it is important that we express just why we are interested in it. Science has this unfortunate stigma around it – it’s boring, it’s complex and it’s dry. It is key that we address this stigma, because we are at the precipice of major, world-changing discoveries in so many fields. Science is something that must be celebrated, not stigmatised. Good communication is key to that.

Anyway, now that I’ve got my spiel out the way, a bit about me: I am a second year undergraduate at the University of Bristol, studying for a Bsc in Cellular & Molecular Medicine. Although cell biology is clearly where my interest lies, I am keen for this not to be a blog just about this field – as stupidly fascinating as it is.

No, a blog where I just regurgitate my lectures or my reading around my course would hardly make for good reading, so I am hoping that this will be an all-encompassing blog – I want to write about physics, about chemistry and frankly anything that falls under the massive umbrella of ‘science’.

I think this is a great medium to educate myself; it’s certainly something that I’ve found with my previous meanderings around the internet, and the broad approach should – assuming that I can make sense of anything beyond my comfort zone (don’t hold your breath on posts about particle physics) – make for better reading.

So, have a browse and see what takes your fancy. Hopefully, you won’t need to be deeply familiar with the topics to enjoy and understand everything I write, so there should be something for everyone!

If you like what you read, if you don’t or if there’s something you’d like to contribute, please feel free to drop a comment or an email.

Let’s do this!

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